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Satisfied Clients

Since 2017, we have produced many successful events of all different themes and styles. We always love getting feedback from our clients — it’s what helps us stay at the top of our game. Read what some had to say below.

Reviews: Testimonials

"This is our Wedding Coordinator.  

She has been the absolute BEST since the very first phone call. Everything we envisioned was better than expected. Sean and I were able to stay true to ourselves, we were never pressured to do or add in more than we wanted. The constant support and reassurance leading up to the wedding was amazing. We appreciate you coming in and listening and making our day BEAUTIFUL.

Thank You Shy"

Jade + Sean



We appreciate everyone who book us to curate a beautiful experience. Leave us a review to let us know how highly satisfied you were with the service we provided. We would love to curate many more beautiful experiences for other guests.

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